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Nothing lasts forever; the same is the case with good times. You never know when tragedy will strike. Yes, in most cases, tragedies are unavoidable. However, what can be mitigated is the aftermath, such as repair costs after accidents or operations and OPD costs due to a critical illness. Desjardins insurance ensures it bears the maximum possible brunt of a tragedy.  

Types Of Uncertain Events 

1. Critical Illnesses 

Illnesses are one of the most common yet most uncertain aspect of life. Yes, we do deal with small issues like fever or flu, but what about illnesses which are non-routine? Such as a cardiac arrest or prostate enlargement. Both these illnesses are life-altering and require loads of money for operations, consultation and careful supervision. Sunlife insurance provides all the money needed for the extensive care and procedures to deal with such illnesses. 

2. Natural Disasters 

Natural disasters are another uncertain phenomenon; they bring along with them loss of human life and damage to property. Property damage is very traumatizing, not just from a monetary perspective but also from a mental and emotional perspective. Your home is your life’s work and a major investment. The sight of it turning into debris right before your eyes is shattering. Unfortunately, it is the toll which most natural disasters take on the infrastructure and property of the affected region. 

3. Road Accidents 

You may be a great driver, someone who drives with both hands on the steering wheel and never changes a lane without giving the indicator. However, everyone is not the same; the roads are full of rash drivers, which increases the risk of accidents. An accident leads to costs for repairs and, in worst-case scenarios, lawsuits. Paying for all these costs takes a hefty strike on your bank balance. However, the availability of good Desjardins auto insurance pretty much suppresses the brunt on your bank account. 

4. Untimely Death 

Every soul is bound to taste death, either timely or untimely. Untimely death leaves a family in shambles. And creates uncertainty about their future, such as payment for educational and daily expenses. Hence, it is good to have a backup for such scenarios.  

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Desjardins Insurance Policy Options 

Desjardins insurance login plays a great part in mitigating the damages to your life and property. It acts as a backup and covers for bad times. Desjardins provides many options which cover all life scenarios. Here are some of the notable Desjardins insurance policies

1. Travel Insurance 

Travels are either leisure trips or business trips. In both cases, they have a specific goal to achieve. However, at times, because of circumstances beyond your control, travel becomes a hassle. 

Travel insurance provides cover against these unwanted scenarios, such as theft of luggage, baggage, passports and money. Moreover, travel insurance also deals with unexpected scenarios, such as illness during travel or damages to a 3rd party because of your negligence. 

Furthermore, travel insurance also pays for expenses for a loved one who lives nearby to come and help you as an attendant during your hospital stay. Hence, travel insurance covers your travel plans to a great extent. 

2. Life Insurance 

Life is uncertain, and sometimes a breadwinner dies unexpectedly, either because of an accident or a critical illness. This makes it hard for the family members to carry on with day-to-day affairs such as children’s education and payment of other routine expenses. In such a scenario, life insurance is a saviour for bad times. 

Desjardins life insurance serves as a replacement for the lost salary, which helps the deceased’s family meet ends. Moreover, the sum can be used to pay off liabilities such as mortgages or other debts left behind. 

Also, you may leave behind your parents, who are aged and unable to work. In such a case, life insurance also helps pay for their day-to-day expenses. Furthermore, when you combine life insurance with other protection plans, such as disability insurance, it provides a decent income stream in case you cannot work because of a permanent disability. 

3. Vehicle Insurance 

A vehicle is an asset, whether it’s personal or commercial. Vehicles are not just subject to accidents but are also the targets of theft and arson. Paying for these losses is hard on your bank balance. 

Look at it this way; you own a fleet of vehicles for your commercial operations. If your fleet falls prey to a fire, how hard is it to pay for the expenses? After all, it’s not just one vehicle but an entire fleet. When you have a good vehicle insurance policy by your side, it takes the toll of most of the costs associated with replacement and repairs. This saves you from bankruptcy and keeps your business capital secure.

4. Pet Insurance 

Sunlife health insurance for your pet is a great way to ensure your beloved pet’s good quality of life. Similar to humans, pets also experience illnesses and injuries. Pet treatments are usually expensive, although not to the extent of bankruptcy; they are still hefty on the wallet. With Sun life health insurance by your side, your pet treatments become easy and comfortable, so you can focus more on their care than on your wallet. 

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The Wrap Up 

Sunlife government of Canada login provides a wide range of insurance policies such as Sun life insurance for seniors and other policies that cover life and property.  Insurance is a great investment for bad times and protects businesses and people from bankruptcy.

Insurance policies cover even the smallest aspects of life, such as travel and pets. As well as big happenings such as death and damage to property. These tragedies can leave a person reeling back and forth and give a big blow to their bank balance. Fortunately, with an insurance policy, you can get a decent amount as compensation for the damages. This helps you maintain your quality of life and use your funds for other purposes.