Best Life Insurance Canada

Insurance That Means Life

Life is all about making your loved ones smile and keeping them happy. But everlasting happiness was never promised to anyone. However, if there is anything we can promise, it is to provide you with the best life insurance in Canada.

At MB Insurance, we understand what adds value to life; it is the people that you care about. We use our life insurance license in Ontario to help people. But if there is anything that can add value to their lives, it is whole life insurance in Canada.

MB Insurance is one of the best life insurance companies in Ontario. You can count on us to get a quote for life insurance.

Why Do You Need The Best Life Insurance In Canada?

  • It is there for your family when it counts.
  • Helps your family to maintain their standard of living.
  • Pays for funeral expenses.
  • Ensures your legacy.
  • Guarantees business continuity.


You might think that it is similar to mortgage insurance. But the main difference between mortgage insurance vs life insurance is that mortgage insurance is used to pay off the mortgage while Life Insurance is used to provide funds after your death.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

  • Breadwinners
    You need permanent life insurance if someone depends on your income. If something happens to you, term life insurance might replace your income. This would allow your dependents to cover their daily spending.
  • Business owners
    The best life insurance in Canada plans can pay off your business debts. They can also assist your heirs in paying estate taxes or fund a buy-sell agreement. You can borrow the cash value of a permanent life insurance policy to cover business expenses.
  • Parents of a special-needs child
    Permanent life insurance can ensure that your special needs child receive financial support.
  • High net worth individualsPermanent life insurance can assist your heirs in paying estate or inheritance taxes if you have a high net worth.