Critical Illness Insurance

Most people are happy with their standard health insurance without knowing it can’t cover all the expenses. Because the Treatment of Life-threatening or prolonged diseases like cancer, strokes and Lower respiratory infections costs 8 or 10 times more than average health insurance. On the other hand, critical illness insurance can save people from the exorbitant expenses of such dangerous diseases.   

Most people are unfamiliar with this life insurance and end up subscribing to regular health insurance. Anyway, If you also need to learn what is critical illness insurance and what it offers. You must read this blog post to make a wise move before opting for health-related insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance- A brief introduction

The average health insurance covers expenses of up to $500 a month or up to $6000 a year. It might be sufficient for minor diseases or health emergencies like fever, pregnancy, and regular checkups. However, major diseases like cancer cost around $40000 a year, way higher than the quote of standard health insurance. 

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Therefore, critical illness insurance comes into play to help people cover their expenses against fatal and life-taking diseases. The critical illness insurance quote is enough to cover all expenses, including diagnosis, hospital bills, medications and drugs. 

It allows people to battle life-threatening diseases with confidence and courage. However, the premium for this insurance is also greater than regular health insurance because of its benefits. 

Benefits Of Critical Illness Insurance- CII       

Critical illness insurance has many more benefits to offer. However, we would like to mention a few most significant benefits of this insurance. 

Helps in Avoiding Bankruptcy

According to the stats shared by the ministry of health, more than 60% of bankruptcies result from diseases and health conditions. The major and prolonged diseases bring people on the verge of bankruptcy. The cost of treating such diseases is way too high, and anyone without insurance can easily lose all their wealth on just diagnosis and medications.

Therefore, critical illness insurance helps the public battle such diseases without worrying about the expenses. However, as a Canadian, if you are yet to apply for this insurance. A timely decision would be to immediately search for “critical illness insurance canada” or “best critical illness insurance canada.”  

No Restrictions  

The clients might have faced restrictions in using their allocated money from other insurance policies. However, critical illness insurance ensures that clients can spend all of its amounts on their health and family without restrictions. 

The grant can be up to $60000, and the subscriber gets the full freedom to spend this amount without limitations. Many insurance agencies are offering this insurance. You can search for “td critical illness insurance,” “manulife critical illness insurance,” “reliance critical illness insurance,” or any other. All of them allow their clients to spend the grants on their will. 

Easy Premium Installments 

The installments for this insurance are affordable, starting from as low as $25 a month and can cover expenses as high as up to $100000. Unlike other insurance policies, clients must pay hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. Critical illness insurance makes it easy for them to subscribe, even in low installments.  

Social Security

Critical illness insurance might be health insurance, but it offers social security to its clients. The clients buying this insurance can use the grant for different purposes, whether it be daily expenses, mortgages, utility bills, travel expenses, groceries or childcare. The clients are free to use it wherever they want to, apart from spending on medical bills.   

Health insurance holds significant importance because it provides us with social security in case of unfortunate incidents. No one knows what’s ahead of us. Due to the unpredictability of the future, it can be good or bad. Therefore it’s better to prepare us for both situations, and critical illness is quite helpful, especially for Canadian citizens. 

If you still have doubts, you need to search for “is critical illness insurance worth it canada.” to get your facts correct about the importance of this insurance. However, if you already know its importance and want to buy this insurance but don’t know about any notable insurance agency. Then we suggest you consult with MBE Insurance.  

MBE Insurance  

MBE insurance has an outstanding portfolio serving its clients with the best insurance policies. Whether it be life insurance, term life insurance, mortgages, health insurance, vehicle insurance or critical illness insurance, MBE insurance is always on top to cater to its clients.

MBE insurance has been serving the people of Canada since 1996, and it has the highest client retention ratio across the country.  

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However, MBE insurance provides the best plans and policies for critical illness insurance for individuals, families and people owning businesses. 

Therefore if you want to buy this insurance, you need to consult with MBE to get the best plans. You can give us a call at any time of the day. Our customer support is available 24/7 for you.  


Critical illness insurance is a need of the hour and a smart move to secure your future. However, many people still need to learn what it is and what it offers. Those people need to search for “what is critical illness insurance canada,” “what is critical illness insurance ontario,” “What is critical illness insurance Vancouver” or any other city to know about this insurance? If they still need to illuminate their minds, this blog post will help plenty.