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Life insurance is one of the basic needs in the modern financial system. Your life is highly precious, and it’s you who should care for it. Have awareness & stay cautious of something that can happen anytime, but needs to be covered or protected well in advance.

life insurance
insurance terms insurance


Term life insurance is for a fixed term, for e.g. 15 years or 20 years variable. It is dependent on circumstances example risk taken, time period for risk, and any other circumstances that are dependent with time factor and the risk factor. MBE offers Term Life insurance, especially for those who are too old to get a life insurance coverage.

insurance terms insurance


Whether you are working in a company as an engineer exposed to certain hazards. Or daily commuting from a bicycle or a bike. Have a disability insurance from MBE Insurance to make sure you avoid life disability in case of any unwanted incident or an accident. Your Safety is our priority.

disability insurance
critical illness insurance


In times of COVID-19, the recent pandemic, it’s Critical Illness Insurance that you need as soon as possible. We can’t cure you anyways, but surely we can give you the financial assurance & relaxation if you get MBE’s critical illness insurance. Apply today for the much needed protection you need.

critical illness insurance


MBE Offers Non-medical insurance especially for those people who are not eligible for life insurance. A non-medical cover is for your safety & security apart from all medical problems and illnesses. Even if it’s not medical, it’s urgent.


You are a person who have dental problems and you need a treatment quiet often. Drug and Dental insurance is for your dental coverage, for your protection and making sure you always look good with those teeth. Now non-affordability at the Drug Store or buying online is not a big deal. Get a drug and dental insurance from MBE today.


Travelling via an Airplane, a bus service, a coach journey or via train. Your travel insurance needs to be updated, so that you travel without any tension & free of any stress. Useful in every way & makes sure you have a safe & protected journey. MBE’s travel insurance, we make sure your journey stays safe.

RESP (Registered Education Saving Program)

RESP, is a special savings program that protects your children education, i.e. either primary or secondary. It makes sure that your child gets the school he deserves even if you are struggling in your business or at work. A special guarantee from the Govt. of Canada.


We also deal in segregated funds for good management of your insurance products. An investment vehicle with variable driving capacities. MBE is here to prioritize your investments daily.

RRSP (Registered Retirement Saving Program)

RRSP, is a program designed by the Govt. of Canada for savings for your post retirement plan. It gives you the security to live, travel and enjoy with your children and Grandchildren. Enjoy the special tax benefits with RRSP. MBE, your best partner in Post-retirement plans.